KYC is not for me. I want to be financially free.

Don’t Know Your Customer (DKYC) is a novel and seamless integration between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and real-world anonymous spending. Invest on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) while funding your everyday life with the dividends. No identification required. Ever.




Watch: The Ascension Event II – Takeover

With phase one complete three months early, watch as we release the vision for phase two. It’ll change finance, forever.

Spend your crypto reflections with a prepaid MasterCard® or Visa®.

For the first time on DeFi, you can choose to take your BUSD reflections (from holding DKYC) and anonymously spend them in the real world using any currency. No cross-chain conversions. No registration. No personal details. Just sit back, relax, and automatically claim your card when you’ve accrued enough BUSD.

Dinners, movies, vacations – it’s on us.

Your future freedom, at a glance:


Now the self-serve dashboard is complete, you can automatically convert your BUSD reflections into DKYC cards with a few clicks. No jumping chains. No registration. Just anonymous spending at your choice of 37 million retailers online.


Right out of the gate, DKYC cards work online, anywhere prepaid Visa® cards are accepted. When we roll out our physical cards and Apple Pay integration, you’ll be able to spend in person, almost anywhere.

The roadmap just got clearer.

Integrated. Uncomplicated.

We want everyone to experience the guiltless freedom of everyday spending using their cryptocurrency reflections and bonuses without interference, questioning, or resistance.

The tokenomics to fund your lifestyle:


Buy tax

• 6% > BUSD > DKYC cards
• 2% funds auto-LP
• 1% boosts marketing



Sell tax

• 9% > BUSD > DKYC cards
• 3.5% funds auto-LP
• 1.5% boosts marketing



Team wallets

• Fair, no risk, no dumping
• Presale retainer funded dashboard
• Reflections -> cards and marketing



It’s here. The revolution has already begun.

With all Phase One milestones achieved three months before target, DKYC is well on its way to unlocking financial liberation for everyone around the world. DKYC is currently operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as it is inclusive, accessible, and growth-oriented. We have our sights set on rolling out on other chains, such as ETH and SOL. DKYC has already created the world’s first automatic cryptocurrency reflections card, and intends to make it known everywhere.

The DKYC Roadmap
to financial freedom

A single focus on real-world cryptocurrency spending with an emphasis on privacy.

Phase 1: launch ✅

Aug – Dec 2021
All milestones complete!

Concept development • Value proposition • Website completion • Contract completion •  Full TechRate audit • Financial partnerships • Issue early-release online DKYC cards (before presale) as social proof • Articles in leading financial publications • Release card creation prototype demo • Two public AMAs • Public presale • High impact marketing campaigns •  PancakeSwap launch • Commence work on DAPP for automatic self-generation of DKYC cards •  $1M MC and beyond • CMC + CG listings



Q4 2021 – Q2 2022 

Support for ApplePay™ and other mobile-based payment platforms • Allow reflection top-ups to expand real-world spending • Roll out on ETH and SOL • Issue physical cards (plastic and metal) • Commence anonymous P2P direct credit card transfers via a novel escrow service • Certik Audit • Roll out retail and B2B POS technology • Introduce intelligent rewards system on every purchase • Roll out microdonations funnel to help teach decentralized finance to people around the world.


Q3 2022 – Q4 2024+

Introduce three-tier status system to reward top holders and frequent transactors • Commence financial freedom via crypto podcast and web series • Establish a free and accessible Financial Freedom Institute • Lobby governments to create a better distinction between the innocent everyday spending of cryptocurrency and suspicious activities or money laundering.

Know Your Customer:
Our Manifesto

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. It’s where financial service providers (including most cryptocurrency exchanges) obtain comprehensive information about their customers in an attempt to prevent money laundering and suspicious financial conduct. The KYC process is now closing in on decentralized finance (DeFi). 

DKYC (an acronym for Don’t Know Your Customer) was formed by a team of financial freedom fighters to restore the innocence and enjoyment of spending investment dividends (known as ‘reflections’) in the real world, without I.D. or resistance. We stand for financial liberation that transcends race, creed, social status, and region.

DKYC asserts that everyday spending does not fall under the sword of “suspicious activity” or “money laundering”. We want everybody to have the freedom to conduct their lives and perform micro-transactions using cryptocurrency, without the unfair and harsh judgement of government bodies and regulators.